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Bean Bag Information

A brief history of bean bags

The Bean Bag was the brainchild of three gentlemen called Gatti, Paolini and Teodora who in 1969 while working for the Zanotta company, (a Styrofoam factory) designed a new kind of chair and called it Sacco. The Sacco was a pear shaped chair with no legs and no back and no seat. It was a bag made out of vinyl and filled up with leftover pieces of Styrofoam pellets.

When these pear shaped chairs hit the market in the early 70?s they were made out of leather and had a head rest. The colors were limited, leather was an expensive item and being a new concept, they found few takers in the initial years. But soon their popularity grew, leather was substituted with other less expensive materials and the beanbags were filled with plastic pellets, a new material. Many leading furniture manufacturers and dealers added bean bag chairs to their lines. In the 90's the bean bag reached the height of its popularity with many people, especially youngsters preferring this comfortable and pliable seating option to the rigid chairs and couches.

The bag had this unique quality to mold itself to the sitters shape and was not just comfortable but ergonomic as well. Soon many other uses were discovered and bean bags were found to be helpful in several medical therapies and meditational exercises among other things. The fact that it was very light and could be carried around easily made it even more popular. Once it reached this popularity zenith, the downfall began and for the next many years, people evicted beanbags from their homes and their memories.

The resurgence of bean bags

Beanbags resurfaced a few years ago with a brand new character. They were now not just ultra comfortable, they were chic and stylish and let you make a style statement.

There were not just many new colors and fabrics to choose from; there were many new unique shapes and designs to suit individual preferences. Bean bags came as bean bag sofas and couches which could accommodate more than one person. Bean bag beds let you sleep in total comfort all night long. There were special bean bags for children and large sized adults. There were even bean bags made especially for pets. In this age of customization, beanbags could be customized in the fabric, color, design and shape of your choice.

How modern bean bags are far superior to their predecessors

Though the fundamental design is still the same as it was 50 years back, bean bags have undergone major changes and the modern bean bags are more comfortable, elegant and sophisticated versions of the early bean bags. They are now in fact posing a stiff challenge to conventional seating furniture. Here?s how contemporary bean bags are better than before:

Comfort: Modern bean bags are ultra comfortable thanks to high quality filling that has really improved over the years. They come filled with high quality polystyrene beads, urethane foam or a combination of both, which prevent premature sagging and provide enhanced comfort

Design:There have been significant changes in bean bag design over the years. The original or the standard shaped bean bag is still available but now there are many more exciting shapes to choose from.

Safety: The new generation bean bags have enhanced security features like double sewn seams and materials that conform to international safety guidelines. The usage of filler bags inside the main bean bag cover makes it sturdier and safer without any risks of beans escaping and posing a safety hazard for children. With these improved safety measures, bean bags become safe for people or all ages and can withstand heavy usage for many years.

Choice: The modern house owner is totally spoilt as far as choice in beanbags is concerned. Now you have an endless variety of fabrics, patterns, colors and sizes to choose from. Sizes range from super small to super large and everything in between. The high quality fabrics used in modern bean range from cotton, suede, vinyl, leather, denim, faux fur, fleece, corduroy to name a few. There are floral bean bags and there are ones with tiger stripes and in many more designs. There are bean bags in every color you can possibly imagine. What more can one ask for!


Why Beanbag chairs are better than regular furniture?

Bean bag chairs still remain one of the worlds many mysteries. How did they come about, who or what inspired the shape, are they safe, and where can I get one? To answer these questions and more we need to look into the 1960’s when this design was first uncovered. Created by an Italian design and first called a “Sacco”, the bean bag chairs became greatly popular and then mass-produced. Today this design is still remains basically the same with exception to the fabric, filling, the original headrest and additional safety features.

Bean bag chairs are the only furniture other than plastic patio chairs that can be easily relocated. This makes them ideal for flats, the poolside and any other outdoor area. (Check the waterproof qualities on the tag.) Also ideal for use on new carpet or floor lining as these clever designs won’t leave a dent in your floor. Bean bag chairs can be found in every color of the rainbow with so many designs and colors to choose from including pet beanbag beds, leather, denim, fur and suede fabrics. There is a design and color to suit any home with the exception being a too classic home may not necessarily suit a bean bag, try the den or playroom instead. There are also bean bags fabrics that are waterproof and can repel liquids that may them ideal for pets or little children. One of the fun things about having a bean bag chairs is deciding where to put it.

These wonderful creations are also great at saving you money. Why spend thousands on a new lounge suite when you can buy modern, furniture set in the few hundreds. Bean bag chairs can be found filled already or with just the case so they will need to be filled. If this is the case then you will need a helper. They can hold the bag open while you pull the polystyrene balls in. Stand away from a door as even the slightest of breeze can cause a small snowstorm in your lounge. Make sure to stuff the bag incredibly full if you suffer from a bad back or sore neck. To check that the bag is filled enough, check that there are still 6 inches between the widest point of the bean bags. If you prefer a loose comfortable fit only fill the bag ? of the way for a fuller fit try filling it as close to the top as you can while making sure it can still close.

Decorate a room with bean bags, they are affordable, bright, welcoming, cosy and fashionable. All your friends will be over to enjoy trying out your new bean bags. To get the perfect shape from your new bean bag chairs there are a few ways to go about this. Sit in the middle of the bag, not too high or too low. The bag will provide a supported yet comfortable seat. Make a bean bags the main feature of the room if you are going for a modern look. Brighten up any dull room with a colored beanbag. Ideal as gifts for students leaving for uni, they can fit into any space are lightweight and easy to move. They can blend in tastefully with any room if the right color and fabric have been selected. When it comes to bean bag chairs and children, there are a few safety issues to be considered here. While beanbags are safe they pose a risk if loose beads escape from the bean bags. Try to find a bean bag chairs supplier that will line you bean bags when they make it with a safety liner. This ensures that the beans will be extra secure in the beanbag.