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Corporate Logo

We are happy to assist our corporate partners with special prices and designs . We can custom design your bean bag chairs as per your corporate color, logo and design needs. We will help you come up with a cost structure that best suits your budget. Our bean bag chairs can be used anywhere in your work environment as they provide perfect ergonomic support while working. You can use it in your recreation rooms, reception areas, day care centres, lunch rooms or even the board room if and when your having a marathon brainstorming session. Relax while you work - we help to create a stress free environment at work!

We can also create indoor/outdoor beanbag lounges to suit you event needs with custom designed branded beanbag in your corporate colors and logo. This will not only be functional for seating but will enhance the event by creating more visibility for your company and more awareness for your brand.

Our corporate partners

Barclays Bank
Philip Morris
Big Bus Company
Indusblue Inc.
Altruistic Marketing Inc.
Great Expectations
Dunkin Donuts
My Bindi
Fido Phones
Tom Baker Cancer Research Centre

Heatwave Events
5th Elementt - Fusion Restaurant
Wasabi Communications
Rolling Ads



Lounge at ATP 2009 Dubai  
Check out the comfy lounge we created at the tennis tournament 2009, Dubai. People relaxed and networked during the event on their beanbag chairs.

The launch of DesJardins-carte pour Etudiante!!!  
When DesJardins decided to launch their students only card, they teamed up with us to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We created specially designed branded beanbag chairs to make the whole event even more special! Students were relaxing on beanbags while while the banking specialists took them through the pros and cons of signing up. They also set up special registration desks with beanbags for students to register for the card. The whole experience was relaxed and took the stress out of all the serious paperwork

Crystal Cruise Line uses Fatboy bean bags in their kids movie room
Bono's Beach club is situated at one of Marbella's loveliest beaches. If this does not get you in the mood, the Fatboy Buggle-ups will make sure you can fully relax.

Please email us at or call 1-800-557-0985 to discuss how we can work together and create a great promotion.