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How to Refill

Make it “The FUN Task For The Family” (TFTFTF) to refill your beanbag chair?

It seems almost impossible to consider how to contain the ever so static polystyrene beads. They redefine static cling, fly everywhere with little incentive and resist containment as if they had a mind of their own. How do you open the zipper of the super safe bean bag chair you purchased – they are designed to stay closed, not to open! Follow these simple steps and you will have a full, comfy beanbag chair once again.

1.Best Place to set up for “The FUN Task”
Set yourself up inside in an area that has no breeze like a closed garage or in the laundry room. Any airflow will cause the polystyrene beads to fly everywhere. Find another adult or child above 14 to help you as four hands are better than two when it comes to filling bean bag chairs.

2. Must do’s before “The FUN Task”
If you have a double locking zipper or if it is enfolded within a seam, uncover it enough to be able to slide a paper clip into the pull tab. This will allow you to pull the zipper back and get access to the center. If there is a little “lock” on the zipper, take a pair of pliers and pry the lock off. You can then unzip the zipper. You will have to use pliers to reapply the lock afterwards to ensure your bean bag chair zipper stays closed and is safe for use or break of the zipper tab, in which case you will loop in a paper clip and use that as the tab to move the zipper open or closed.

Your chair may come with a liner so opening the first layer is no problem. If your chair does not have a liner, do not open it until you are right ready to add the fill or disaster will strike.

3. Applied strategy for “ The FUN Task”
Spray water on your hands, the outside mouth of the beanbag cover and the opening point of the plastic refill bag. This will reduce static and help contain the beads.

Option I

When you are completely ready, take your bag of refill, still sealed and have your helper hang on to it nearby. Open the zipper on your beanbag chair and slowly open it up. Be very careful and moving slowly, hold open the beanbag chair so your helper can gently place the bag of refill into the opening. Open the bag of filler and slowly pour its contents to the beanbag chair. By placing the bag of filler directly into the beanbag chair you contain the beads so they are not flying everywhere.


Option II

Place the refill bag on a higher plane like on your car, a ledge or on top of the washing machine. Cut a corner to form a funnel. Place the open mouth of the beanbag under the funnel and let the refill beads pour out.

Make sure you fill – till the beanbag is ¾ full. You need the ¼ space for the beads to move around you when you sit into it.

It is not necessary to remove the old fill; it will mix in with the new and provide great comfort. Depending on the amount of fill you have and the size of your beanbag chair you may or may not have to add it all. Add enough fill so that your beanbag chair is firm but not solid. Everyone has their personal preference for how soft or firm they prefer for their beanbag chair so adjust as necessary.

Once the fill is added re-zip the zipper, ensure it is locked and you are done. You now have a refilled chair!

The only thing left to do is to try and round up those pesky little beads that escaped during the filling process. If there aren’t too may around just suck them up with a vacuum. If you have large spills – we recommend you spray them down with water – collect them into a bag and let them air dry before you close up the bag. You can reuse them if needed at a later time for a fun craft project or create “fake snow” – let your imagination run wild with creative ideas.