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Support / FAQ

Please take a look at the following information to see if your question is answered:

1. How do I order?
First click on the bean bag you would like to order.  Read the information.  Select the quantity.  Select add to cart.  Complete all checkout information.  You will then be asked for a credit card.  Fill out our secure payment screen and complete.  You will receive and email confirming your order.

2. Do you have a retail store?
We do not have a retail store to view our products.  By having no store front we save on rent, utilities, staff etc. and pass the savings along to you.  We offer Free shipping within Ontario and Quebec and will completely refund your money and pay for return shipping if you do not like the product within seven days - so there is no risk to you.

3.  Are my credit card details safe?
Absolutely, when you proceed with payment, your credit card details will be routed to a secure server and 128 bit encrypted.  We do not store your credit card information.

4. Can I order a special beanbag?
If you have a special request please do not hesitate to contact us. We can quote you on a special designs (within reason) to meet your specifications.  We work with many corporate clients or customers that need logos etc.

5. What is my guarantee?
All our products come with a guarantee on workmanship and materials, and a 7 day right of return for your money back (including shipping costs) or a replacement (unless previously arranged).  

6. How do I return my bag?
If our product should happen to show any sign of defect in materials or workmanship within the specified warranty period, please contact us for a Return Authorization. We will repair or replace your product under the warrantee period free of charge. Please enquire as shipping or transport charges may or may not be included. We will give you details about returning the bean bag with the authorization.

7. How durable is a beanbag?
Our beanbags do not break easily. We carefully select durable materials and use industrial sewing machines to assemble them. We double stitch the seams with extremely strong thread to increase the strength. However, under unusual circumstances (i.e. kids jumping on the them, people dragging them) the durability will be reduced and void the warranty. You should expect a bean bag to last 5 years under normal use.

8. I would like to order bulk, is it possible?
Yes definitely, beanbags make an ideal promotional tool. Many companies have used our products as giveaways and premiums. If you can see an application for your business please contact us to discuss further.

9.What kind of bag should I order?
When choosing a bean bag chair, one should really take into consideration the end purpose of the bag as well as the end user. For example a stronger, easy to clean fabric will be more suited for a rumpus room where the kids can relax or play fight. Size should also be considered according to the dimensions of the room and person. Bean bag chairs are ideal for small rooms because they can be stacked on top of each other to make more space or while cleaning/vacuuming. The different sizes can accommodate a room's dimension.

10. What colors should I get?
Bean bag chairs are great when you want to add an extra dash of color to your interiors. To brighten up the kids bedroom or a finishing touch to your living room. They can add a new dimension to your setting by creating a relaxed mood. The colors of a bean bag chair can be used to complement an existing lounge by matching curtains or a couch, etc.

11. Are they good for my back?
They are excellent for bad backs as they provide very good postural support. Bean bag chairs mould to the shape of the spine and offer complete support for the occupant. You can wriggle around and change the shape to suit your needs. We do recommend that people with bad backs overfill them, as the fuller the bag, the more support.

12. Is there a right or wrong way to sit in them? 
Yes and no. If you have never sat in a bean bag chair before, there is a right way to sit in them. If you sit too high you may not be supported enough, and if you sit too low your legs may be resting too close to the ground. This could make them feel uncomfortable after a while. The best area to sit in is where the wide part of the bag meets the area which starts to narrow, at roughly the middle part of the bag. This is a general rule of thumb as different body shapes and habits tend to govern what is best for the user. Some people tend to lie their bags down for a better reclining position - this is great if you are going to watch a movie. Do not be scared of your beanbag, try different sitting positions - there are no rules!

13.  Are bean bags good for children to sit in?
Studies have shown bean bag chair help children with autism as they work on the "sensory pressure" principle and are recommende for kids with hip dysplasia or body casts.  The ergonomic design of a bean bag supports the spine.

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